Our Approach

Rational Treatment Services Bellevue & Seattle (RTS) uses a cognitive behavioral approach.  Individuals work at their own pace to understand and change their thinking patterns, beliefs, and emotions.  Such restructuring facilitates behavioral and emotional change. People learn to take effective control of their behavior and begin leading more fulfilling lives.  Non cognitive techniques may also be utilized to enhance treatment.

At Rational Treatment Services, we strive to be non-judgmental and to create a supportive and safe atmosphere. We offer mental health counseling and chemical dependency counseling and other services to help you take back control in your life.

Our treatment is effective for individuals with various problems including substance abuse/addiction, mental health issues or both (i.e. co-occurring disorders). We also help with relationship and communication issues.

We have a men's support group starting in January. Find out more. You can improve your relationship with your spouse, stop dysfunctional behaviors and understand your inner process.


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Cognitive, Behavioral and Present-Based Therapy

Take charge of your life. We offer outpatient treatment, individual counseling, group therapy and many other positive treatment options that will help you improve your life today.

Rational Treatment Services

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