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Cognitive, Behavioral and Present-Based Therapy

A New Alternative

Video Counseling for Washington Residents

Do you live out of the Puget Sound area? No transportation to our clinic? 

Now you can engage in substance abuse, mental health, relationship or dual-diagnosis treatment over the phone/video with SKYPE.

Contact Richard at Rational Treatment Services for a free initial consultation to see if video counseling could be helpful to you.

You will meet with your counselor on a regular weekly basis, video face to face. Also, you will be able to work on cognitive behavioral tools and skills with the assistance of your counselor.

We can help with drug and alcohol problems and other addictions such as gambling, shopping, and sex compulsions. Also other issues before or exacerbated by addictions such as anxiety and depression. We also have great success in helping to improve your relationships; to help you to regain the passion and closeness of your marriage or other relationships.

Use our simple email contact form to reach us. We will respond to you and help you set up your first session.